About activum

Real Estate Consulting

We are a real estate company with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and we offer real estate services to the main developers, servicers, investment funds, and private investors.

We adapt our services to each project, and we respond to changes as quickly as our clients need.

Activum in numbers

At ACTIVUM we manage the main portfolios of national servicers and a commercialization portfolio of more than 50 new-build developments.

Performed transactions
2021/22 Outcome

More than 3,900 assets commercialized.


More than 2,622 transactions.


We have commercialized 65 new developments.


A managed portfolio of more than 3,000 new developments.

about activum

our potential

We combine innovation, energy, and experience in the development of our services.

Our creativity combined with a deep knowledge of the market guarantees success.


Jaime Balaguer, founder of ACTIVUM, created the company in 1995, after detecting the needs based on his extensive experience in the financial and real estate sector. With ACTIVUM he launches a way of working oriented to the client with innovative and creative services, without forgetting the meticulous detail of the sale.


Jaime Balaguer founded ACTIVUM.


Trajectory based as main support for national promoters, providing local knowledge and sales strategy.


We focus our business model on the commercialization and management of real estate assets owned by servicers and banks.


The first national commercializing company to initiate new development during the reactivation of the sector in Spain. Period of ACTIVUM's territorial expansion.


Consolidation as a reference partner for the main players in the sector. Diversification of the ACTIVUM client in line with the emergence of promoter funds.


The market is active, demand remains strong and ACTIVUM has the five key elements to achieve service excellence: market knowledge, process mastery, resource management, sales focus and a specialized team.


We have become part of our clients’ organization through the integration of teams, pursuing the same objectives and promoting the brand as if it were our own. Creativity, flexibility, adaptability, and experience allow us to support the personality of each client.

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