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In recent years, ACTIVUM has been leading the commercialization of new developments together with the main developers in the country. We have more than 40 new developments, with a volume of more than 3,000 properties for sale.

Skypark Valdebebas
2024 | 395 properties | Rent
Onsen Residencial
2024 | 138 properties
Alonso Cano 68
2024 | 14 properties
Residencial Izar
2022 | 98 properties
Vinyasa Residencial
2022 | 13 properties
Edificio Francesc Macià
2021 | 24 properties
Tribeka Homes Fase II
2020 | 130 properties
Residencial Santa Clara
2019 | 68 properties
Tribeka Homes Fase I
2018 | 81 properties


We have become part of our clients' organization through the integration of teams, pursuing the same objectives and promoting the brand as if it were our own. Creativity, flexibility, adaptability, and experience allow us to support the personality of each client.


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